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Southampton Fencing Services

If you are looking for a quality fencing and garden service in Southampton or surrounding Hampshire areas, look no further than Southampton Fencing Pros.

We offer fence installation services for commercial properties as well as residential homes. No matter what your fencing needs, we will be able to help you out with quality work at competitive prices!

Southampton Fencing Pros are knowledgeable in installing any fencing, from quality garden fences to security fencing.

We know that there is nothing more important than the safety and security of your family and property – so we can provide ideas on how best to secure it!

Our experienced fencing contractor will work with you to produce a safe but aesthetically pleasing design that suits the requirements of your project.

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Get your fence in perfect order with our experienced team of professionals. We offer free estimates so you know what the cost will be before starting work on it, too!


We are committed to providing materials at reduced rates and we work hard on the line of quality.


We always keep our customers in the loop. No matter how long a project takes or what obstacles come up, you will be updated on progress!


We take pride in getting the job done right. That's why our team always works closely with local authorities and complies 100% each time!


Our experienced team offers a range of services, and you can rest assured you’ll find what you envisage.

They are highly skilled professionals with expertise in fencing repair and installation.

Whether your fence needs replacing or a little TLC, they would be more than happy to visit your property for an inspection and free quote.

With a range of fencing options to suit any budget, our experts will help you find the right solution according to your unique requirements.

Professional Fencing Services

All our large range of fencing styles use only the best materials, and we offer a free no-obligation quotation tailored to your specific needs.

No matter what size or budget as long as they fall within our coverage area. If you need help choosing the right fence, please do not hesitate to call us today – one phone call could save you time, money and stress in the future!

We also provide garden maintenance which includes grass cutting, hedge trimming and weed treatment.

Contact us today for more information about our pricing and advice on your next fencing project.

Garden Fencing

Fencing your home should be a priority; with Southampton fencing pros, you can rest assured that your property will be constructed to the highest quality standards.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide an excellent job of installing a new fence or topping up old ones, then look no further than us.

Our great reputation has been built up by supplying superior fencing services to Southampton and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

A new fence can enhance your property and increase its worth. Our skill and experience will ensure the fencing installed is built to last and look attractive at all times.

Commercial Fencing

Whether it is a small construction or a large company, commercial fences are critical. If you own or operate a business in Southampton, we can offer excellent advice on what type of fence would best suit your needs for safety and well aesthetic requirements.

We provide outstanding fencing explicitly designed with industrial use in mind using high-grade materials such as aluminium, galvanized steel rod and powder coated wire mesh panels. Contact us for more information about our services and free quotes.

Our fencing contractor will work with you to design a fencing plan to suit your needs and budget. We provide reliable service and advice to a wide range of commercial clients, including schools, restaurants and factories. 

Security Fencing

For any security installation, we have years of experience installing specialist fencing systems that comply with BS EN 12841-2006 and BS EN 12842:2011.

The fencing we provide is designed to keep intruders out whilst giving your property a professional look that will also serve as a deterrent.

We can create security installations for individuals or commercial properties such as retail outlets, offices or factories.

We can also install security gates to complete the installation. Our wrought iron gates are designed to look good, provide a quality barrier, and keep intruders out. Gates can also be installed to specific dimensions as required.

Mountain Fencing

Our professional fencing work has made us experts at designing fences that are both practical and effective for keeping livestock secure from predators while still looking great!

Alongside our quality steel mesh netting, we also offer the following:

  • Chain Link – Ideal if you have dogs or livestock that need protection
  • Electric Wire – For extra security, this is an excellent choice
  • Polythene – For those with a large property without much fencing, this is an ideal solution.

The safety of your livestock will always be one of our top priorities. From sheep pens to chicken coops, all animals are best protected by high-quality mountain fencing.

Fencing Decking

Southampton Fencing Pros have a range of fence decking, which can be used either as part of your fencing or, if you don’t have space for an entire fence, as an attractive alternative.

Our supply of fencing decking is one of the best quality available and is made in the UK.

Decking is used with our fencing supplies to create an attractive and secure line.


Most frequent questions and answers

Wire mesh is the cheapest way to fence off your property. 

It is best to use wire mesh with a solid post as it can be difficult for animals to push through the holes in the fence. Polythene fencing produces an instant effect and is quick and easy, but this type of fencing cannot withstand weather or animal damage.

The cheapest privacy fence would be vinyl or PVC, as it is the most affordable type of fencing to purchase.

Wood has a lower upfront cost than metal fencing, but timber fences require regular maintenance and are more expensive in the long term.

Aluminium fences are considered the easiest to install. You assemble the sections and then bolt them together.

Vinyl fencing can last for over 30 years with minimal maintenance. Unlike other types of fencing, vinyl will not rot or be damaged by animals.