If you want to add more security and value to your home, installing a fence is a great way. A fence can provide protection from intruders, keep pets safe, and create boundaries for children in the yard. Not only can a fence make your home safer, but it can also upgrade the look of your property. Depending on your preferences and budget, many fencing materials and design options are available.

At Southampton Fencing Pros, we aim to ensure that each customer receives the perfect fence that meets their individual needs. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have years of experience in installation and repair. We use only the highest quality materials combined with expert craftsmanship so that your fence will look great and last for many years. If you need help deciding which type of fence would be best for you, our knowledgeable staff will happily answer any questions or concerns.

Preparing for the Fence Installation

Before installing your fence, there are some important considerations to consider. First and foremost, check with local authorities to determine whether or not a permit is necessary to install your fence. In many areas, it is required that those installing a new fence obtain a permit before doing so. You should also research what type of material will best suit your privacy, noise reduction, and security needs. Once you have determined these factors and obtained the necessary permits, it’s time to begin preparing for installation.

Start by setting boundaries around where you plan to build the fence by marking off posts or stakes at each corner. These posts will be reference points when measuring and installing your fencing materials later. Next, use a leveller tool to ensure that all four corners are perfectly square – this will help prevent any unnecessary problems during the installation process.

Choosing the Right Type of Fence

When selecting the right type of fence for your home, several factors must be considered. The size and shape of the area you’re fencing in should be considered when deciding. You’ll also want to consider the fence’s purpose—is it purely aesthetic, or does it need to provide security? Budget is also essential, as some types of fences can be more expensive than others.

Installing the Fence Posts

Installing fence posts is an essential step when building a backyard fence. It’s necessary to ensure the posts are installed correctly and securely so your fence will not collapse or be vulnerable to strong winds. Make sure each post is plumb (vertically straight) by measuring from corner to corner with a level tool or string line before adding concrete mix into the hole and filling it with soil. Once all the posts are firmly set in place, use screws or nails to attach horizontal rails between all the posts, which will help support and hold up your fencing material.

Adding the Panel Sections

When adding the panel sections, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to determine how many panels will be required for your fence. The number of panels depends on the size and shape of your yard and the type of fencing material you plan to use. Additionally, you must decide if you want any gate openings in your fence and where they should be placed.

Once you have determined these details, it’s time to start installing the panels. Make sure that each panel is level before securing it in place.

Finishing Touches and Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen the perfect fence for your home, it’s time to finish the installation and complete any last-minute maintenance. It’s time to apply any finishing touches, such as paint or stain, depending on the material used. These finishing touches will help protect your fence from weathering over time and keep it looking its best throughout its lifetime. Lastly, inspect your fence annually for signs of damage or rot which can be repaired quickly if identified early on.


Installing a fence is a great way to upgrade your home and provide security for you and your family. Depending on your budget and the type of fence you choose, you may need to hire a professional installer or do the job yourself. Factors such as cost, maintenance requirements, and aesthetics should all be considered when deciding on materials. With careful planning, installing a fence can be an easy process that will increase your home’s value and security. 

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